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Indrashish Chatterjee is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, philanthropist and one of India’s #1 life and business strategist. He has conducted #sales-training, #corporate-training and #motivational sessions with above 150 corporate houses and educational institutes all over the nation.

For almost a decade’s experience in setting up new ventures and scaling up different businesses, Indrashish is more popularly celebrated as one of India’s most successful young #Techpreneur. His ventures leverage small to medium scaled businesses and is widely celebrated for helping businesses to ride the #new digital wave India is experiencing. Starting from helping ventures to sell online to strategizing different marketing and promotional ideas to promote products and services for different businesses are few of the key deliverables of ventures founded by Indrashish.

Mentoring Start-Ups: As India experiences the rise of the new start-up culture, Indrashish is one of the most popular start-up mentors who have utilized his business acumen acquired and garnered from years of experience to help new ventures to start-up or scale-up their business. In the year 2019-2020, he was one of the mentors appointed by the reputed educational institute IIT Kharagpur for their event Empresario where one of the start-ups mentored by him qualified and ended up as a runners-up.

Awarded as the Entrepreneur of the Year 2019 by a leading start-up forum, Indrashish Chatterjee is one of the highly regarded names in the field of Start-Ups in India. Being an Angel Investor and incubator for many start-ups Indrashish is created a niche for himself being an expert business and marketing strategist. The first-hand experience of dealing with B2B clients and working on brand creation and growth in revenue for various businesses globally over all these years has helped him to set aside the expertise of being coined as one of India’s most sorted #business strategist and #marketing expert.

Philanthropist: It all stays incomplete if we don’t mention about the philanthropic contribution towards the society. Indrashish is associated with few of the leading Foundations and NGOs who work dedicatedly in educated the under-privileged children. Starting from financing education and well-fare of the children, Indrashish is also motivated on working with various autonomous bodies associated with youth empowerment and women empowerment projects.

World-class Motivational Speaker

Indrashish has been featured in multiple leading blogs and magazines for his successful entrepreneurial journey. Being a self-made individual, Indrashish has fair share of struggle stories to share. The experiences he gained from the tough times helped him to emerge as a better leader in both personal and professional life. At present he utilizes all his experiences and knowledge to motivate others from various backgrounds to over-come all their challenges and emerge as a winner. Sold-out seminars and events has helped him to set a reputation for himself of being one of #India’s Best Motivational Speaker. Above 1000s of people has experienced the power of his message and teachings globally making him one of most popular and sorted personal and professional development leader of all time.

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Business Coach in India

Very few business coaches come with a proven track record. Indrashish is a celebrated business coach who not only helps you to gauge the area of improvement but will also create a proven scientific blueprint which will help you to sustain the present challenges and work towards scaling up your business. Regardless of the nature of the industry you belong from once you appoint Indrashish and team you get an overall guidance and consultation required to emerge as an industry leader. Starting from legal assistance to tax-filing and digital presence you get entitled to get all these services along with expert consultation under one roof.

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Sales and Corporate Trainer

Being recommended and hired by 150+ global corporates. Indrashish can easily be noted as one of India’s best corporate and sales trainers. With above 15 years of experience in the corporate industry, Indrashish has easily garnered the skill set of training employees of corporate houses seeking for the optimum result and productivity from their employees. Team Building, Behavioral Training, Soft-Skill Training are few of the additional trainings covered by Indrashish . Known for delivering result for which he is being appointed for, Indrashish works closely with the businesses to have a better understanding of the end goal the business/corporate/prductions houses are trying to attain by arranging the training event for its employees.

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