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Empowering Youth

Empowering youth is the success of any society. Indrashish and his team works relentlessly to train youths of this nation to empower them with the knowledge of leading a better life. Starting from conducting Basic Computer Training Classes to Spoken English Training Classes, Indrashish and team has successfully served above 1000 children all over West Bengal till date.

Not only empowering the youth with basics of education but also providing them with the opportunity to start their own venture is one of the vital areas where team Indrashish has contributed till date.

Empowering Youth

Computer Training Project of Ambuja

Food Distribution During COVID

Educating Young Minds

“We all have a room for improvement. We are always striving to strike the perfection hence all your feedback and suggestions will be appreciated as we are only humans and its only humans who go wrong at times. We recognize that we do always have space for improvement hence your feedback will be highly appreciated.”

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