Life Coaching

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We are living in a fast world where every other day some or the other challenge is laid upon us which is good enough to break our self-confidence or test our patience. Under such circumstances depression and anxiety are normal emotions to experience. Depression and Anxiety are harmful emotions not only for your mental health but also for your physical health.

Indrashish is a celebrated life coach who has spoken in multiple events on mental health and wellness. If you are planning to organize an event and seeking to appoint a speaker who speaks on mental wellness , Indrashish is one of the best persons you can approach for the event. His sessions on leading a proper life are highly appreciated by leading global corporates like GE Health Care. Personal Success: Success can never be defined by one’s bank balance. Personal Success means achievements in one’s personal or professional life which makes him or her feel contended. However in this journey of achieving personal success more than often one feels demotivated witnessing the changes in his or her surroundings. Such challenges can be combatted if you have a coach or friend who guides you through the process and help you to stay focused.

Happiness: In today’s date as everything is evolving so fast, it is very difficult to remain happy. Sessions conducted by Indrashish helps one to remain calm and identify the real reasons to remain grateful for what he or she has. Happiness is an emotion which can only be felt when one learns to focus and appreciate what he or she has rather than what you don’t. Self-Acceptance: The main reason for one’s unhappiness is the lack of power to accept oneself the way God has made him or her. All the sessions conducted by Indrashish helps you to understand the importance of self-acceptance and how on simple act of acceptance can help one to set the initial step towards attaining the ultimate happiness.

Personal Transformation: One’s thought process defines one’s behavior and attitude towards his or her life. The sessions conducted by Indrashish are planned to change the negative mind set which is the root of all unhappiness. The change in one’s thoughts results in outcome one experience every time which is the final result of the personal transformation one experiences. Mindfulness: If one stays in his or her past he will always feel depressed, if one stays in his or her future then he or she will always feel anxious. However when one to stays in his or her present then he or she will feel free from all kind of negative emotions life depression and anxiety. Mindfulness is a practice which helps one to utilize his or her potential to the fullest. Meditation: Peace of mind helps one to enhance his or her productivity. Meditation is the ancient practice of enhancing one’s mental faculties and abilities.