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Sales Training

Indrashish has served over 150 + leading corporates. The well planned sessions conducted by Indrashish and team has been globally appreciated by leading sales trainers and his sessions have been highly productive in terms of enhancing the overall performance of the sales team helping them in achieving the set goals by the management.

Regardless of the mode of communication you prefer to have with your potential customers (telephonic sales or face to face sales) the training programs designed by us are customized based on your (companies appointing Indrashish and team) requirements. Prior to the training sessions our team gets a detailed understanding of the goal you want to achieve post the training event which helps us to deliver the sales training as per your requirement.

Indrashish is the best sales trainer in Kolkata and is highly celebrated globally for his sales training sessions. Starting from beginning of the sales pitch to subtle techniques of need analysis and handling rebuttals all is taught and plays a vital part of the training sessions. The training sessions also include behavioral and body language training, role plays and practice mock sessions to close more deals.

Other than sales training the team is also trained to understand the importance of team work through team building activities and games. All our programs are designed and programmed to enhance the overall performance of the sales team.

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