How Negative Mind-Set can stop you from reaching your goals?

If I say the current situation in your life is the direct reflection of the mind-set you have will you believe me? Well… even if you don’t believe me the truth is whatever you achieve in your life or fail to achieve in your life the entire credit or blame for the same goes to your mind set.

The most amazing thing about this concept is, you get to see what you want to see. Let me give you an example: if a half filled glass is given to an individual with a negative mind-set, he or she will claim it to be half empty where as if it is provided to someone with positive mind-set he or she will state the glass is half full. The mind-set helps one to see the same situation in a different way hence the outcome of the circumstances varies so drastically.

In the above example the fact that the glass remains half-filled doesn’t change but the entire energy of the individual watching the glass changes depending on one’s mind-set. Negative mentality brings pessimistic attitude towards life which eventually results in failure, however positive mind-set always bring an optimistic attitude which results one to work towards achieving one’s goal.

It is more than often we remember people for their success but what he fail to understand that prior to succeeding most of the successful individuals have failed multiple times. All you need to succeed once and rest becomes history but at the same time we have to understand prior to succeeding there is multiple failures which help the individuals to head towards the goal. Now to pursue one’s passion in spite of multiple failures takes positive mind set.

Now I understand you guys will ask me how to change your mental set-up? How to transform negative thoughts to positive ones? To be very honest, there is no magic. You will need to work on it consciously. Whenever you get negative thoughts , you have to make it a point that you do your best to replace that thought with something positive which makes you feel good. Although it sounds really easy but initially it will be a bit difficult but once you get into its practice it will come naturally to you.

So how does the entire process work?

Let us consider our body to be vessels made up of atoms. These atoms vibrate in different frequencies depending on the energy our body is channelizing and the kind of energy our body is channelizing depends on our thoughts. So you can say, if we entertain positive thoughts our body will channelize positive energy which will make us vibrate at a higher frequency. This in exchange programs our mind which is automatically programmed to focus more on negative thoughts to get used to deal with positivity.

Now you will ask why our mind is programmed to entertain negative thoughts. When a child is born, his or her mind is like a clean slate. With every passing year, his or her parents fill up his or her mind with Dos and Don’ts. These rules or thoughts which are implanted in our minds come directly from our ancestors and most of the time they limit us and restrict us from achieving the optimum result as instead of focusing on positive possibilities, our minds function on keeping us aware of negative outcome at first.

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