Leadership Skills

It is more than often we intend to mix leadership skills with the talent of being a boss. Now what exactly I mean by this statement, let me explain the aforesaid line a bit more elaborately.

A leader is a person who leads from the front. He is not someone who depends on his team to run the show, he will surely motivate the team to work towards achieving their target but when we finds there is a short coming in the team he will work closely with the team to identify the issue and work towards fixing the same. Along with the same he will help the team to achieve the desire result.

Now that sounds like a dream boss isn’t it? But unfortunately most of the time we are presented with a boss who is demanding and is expecting the team to work towards achieving the target and if the team fails he refuses to take the ownership of the same and blames it on the most convenient member of the team. Does it sound familiar to you? Well… if it does let me tell you that you’re not an exception more than 90% of seniors in the mid level management and senior level management in India function in the same way. So do we blame them? Not really, to a certain extent they have learnt the similar behavior from their own seniors and most importantly they themselves are burdened with unrealistic targets hence they forget that belong from a civilized society.

The best example for the same is, few years ago a man from the senior position of a leading banking organization went viral for misbehaving with the team. So what do you do if you have been promoted recently or you have always been in a senior position and burdened with unrealistic target failing which will hamper you performance.

It is important to understand that by asking you to behave politely with your team, I certainly do not mean that you will become to pally with the team that they start taking you for granted. You need to work towards striking a balance. A good leader will always strike a balance between his personal and professional relationship with the team. If the team feels you are their to support them. You slowly intend to earn loyalty of your team and we all know a closely knit team can do when it comes to performance. Whether you are in sales related job role or in a game of cricket it is important to maintain the team spirit and bonding. It is the duty of the boss or leader to ensure that the entire team functions together and focus on achieving the set target.

In late 90s when Dada or our beloved SauravGanguly was handed over the team by selecting him as a captain. Noone knew that India will witness such a big change in terms of performance in the years ahead. I still remember, before Ganguly came in the picture Indian cricket scene was messed up with losses and match fixing. So you see, once you have an able leader things change and they change for good. Ganguly identified new talents who later on became legends like Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Sehwag. A good leader always stays open to take calculated risks and back the team during bad times.

We all know the biggest difference between a leader and a boss is that a leader leads from the front and the boss simply seats in the back seat and enjoy the ride. If you want to succeed in your career and establish your role in a leadership position in corporate or any other field. You have to understand the role of leadership revolves round people handling skill. If you cannot manage the same it simply questions your ability as a leader.

A good leader can be identified with the following skills

  1. Good active listening skills
  2. Skills to manage people
  3. Skills to guide the team professionally and at times personally
  4. Knowledge about the job
  5. Skills to maintain team spirit
  6. Skills to identify the error in the process

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