The Importance of Work-Life Balance for Professional Fulfillment.

For ages we humans have been confused about how to strike a balance between personal and professional life. It is often when we focus more on one, the other takes a dent. So what exactly is my take on this topic?

Before I discuss on today’s topic, let me ask you if I ask you prioritize between your right and left eye which once will you opt for? Think…..

I know it is a difficult task to choose between either because we need both to work well to see the world around us properly. In the same way it will be wrong to opt for either professional or personal life to lead a healthy life. If you ask me, one needs to strike a harmony between both the lives to ensure that the life vibrates at the right frequency.

Let’s understand this entire process…

Let us take the example of Paul, a man of honor who has a reputation of being a top performer in his professional life and is also known by all to be a loving husband and a doting father. Let’s say tomorrow is the month-end and Paul has dead line to submit loads of files at work, however at the same time tomorrow is Paul’s beloved wife’s birthday. Now if Paul has to strike a balance between both what should he do?


If he selects his work over his personal life then he will seriously upset his wife and if he selects to spend the day at home then his boss will not be happy with him. Then what should he do?

The answer is simple; he should learn to prioritize the situation. Considering it is the deadline at work he should figure out a way to deliver his work at first but at the same time he needs to communicate and share his dilemma with his wife. Sharing dilemma however does not mean Paul will not celebrate his wife’s birthday. It simply means that he talks to his wife and postpone the celebration.

Communication plays a vital role in solving loads of problem in our lives. If one communicates his ir her problem properly with the other then lots of issues get resolved easily. However most of the time we fail to do so hence we continue to face loads of issues in our regular day to day life.

The way striking a harmony between two tunes can help us to create magic in the same way if we follow few basic rules and strike a balance between work and personal life then we will experience the beauty of life. If you ask me, our lives are what we make out of ‘em. If we complicate things around us, our lives takes a dent but of we simplify things and follow few basics then we will experience the beauty of life.

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