The Power of Positive Thinking: Transforming Your Life

Thinking is an art which helps us to manifest the life of our choice. It’s often considered that the life that we are leading at present or wherever we are stuck in our lives at present actually depends on our thought process. Positive thoughts always attract positive outcomes and to be very honest it is NOT a myth but a very simple science.

Whenever our mind generates a thought, our brain intends to react based on the thoughts which are being created by our mind. Our brains are not wired to identify if a thought is a positive or a negative one, all it does is  secretion of certain hormones which make us feel in a certain way which in exchange repeats the same outcome every time. Until or unless we break the chain and work on positive thinking consciously it will be very difficult to get out of the eternal loop of generation of the same negative outcome.

So how do we get out of this challenging situation? To answer this process, we have to understand how exactly our brain functions. Throughout the day when we perform our regular chores or duties our brain operates in beta state. However twice a day our brain gets out of this state. So let us discuss about that at first, most of the time when we wake-up early in the morning our brain vibrates in alpha state and few minutes before going to sleep our brain gets out of the beta state and slowly shifts to the alpha state. It is during this time if we consciously program our brain to think positive thoughts, we unknowingly intend to change the paradigm set in us from the time of our birth by our near and dear ones. Re-setting the program of our brain is not a difficult task but it requires discipline and  self-commitment.

So now that we have an idea about how to re-program our brains and train em to think positively, let us try to understand how exactly positive thinking can transform our lives. Positive thoughts help us to take the right decisions during the difficult times. Positive thoughts motivate us to give our best shot in everything that we do regardless of how difficult is the situation.

Science has shown the power of thoughts and how positive  thoughts have power to heal deadly ailments like cancer.

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